Fly Thru of 3D Sketch up Model

Please check out a short fly-thru of a backyard remodel for a few weeks ago.  It’s a quick video showing the new concrete, pool, bbq, firepit, retaining wall, and landscaping.  The owner was able to check out a few different options of colors and patterns. Using the 3D model helps make decisions easier because you can actually see what the changes will be.

We can put together a model of your project which can help you decide on how to arrange new structural changes, try out color options, or choose plants for your landscaping.

Please check out the link to the first of many YouTube videos from Irwin Building Company.


Backyard Farming / Urban Gardening

The demand for organic food is growing at a record pace. People are becoming health conscious and in doing so are paying more attention to what they eat and where it comes from. The best way to ensure the quality of your produce is to grow it yourself. After harvesting a crop of spicy jalapeno peppers that you watched grow from seed; homemade salsa will take on a whole new meaning. This can seem a daunting task but with the help of experienced growers you can be very successful in a short period of time.  Biodynamics and whole system concepts are changing the way people are setting up gardens. Tilapia ponds and aquaculture is an ancient technique that is being adapted to modern urban settings.

Urban gardening and mini farming has become a great way for people to take back control of the food supply. Most areas of the planet can support some kind of growing operation although various techniques such as greenhouses, heaters, and cooling systems can be used to extend growing seasons.


Growing and farming is a great way to get kids interested in nature and science. They can better understand the connection we have with the earth and the complex systems of life involved.   Ecosystems in neighborhoods have also been shown to benefit from increased plant diversity. Mini farming and especially planting fruit trees helps provide for wild bee populations.

New construction projects should be designed to include landscape features that include spaces for grow boxes. Raised planter beds and trellises make the actual physical work in the garden much easier by bringing the plants up to waist level for ease. With a drip irrigation system installed the maintenance can be greatly reduced, new technology is allowing wireless control and remote monitoring of your crops.

When starting construction of a garden or new landscaping feature it is a good idea to talk to a designer or Landscape Architect. These industry professionals can help steer you in the right direction when making important decisions about what crops to grow, how to set up the garden.

Once you have tasted a fresh carrot grow in your own backyard no store bought alternative will ever be the same.



3d Home Design Advantages


Using a 3D model during the early stages of a design project can yield large savings in both time and budget.  By using 3D modeling and design owners are able to vet ideas and concepts early in the project delivery calendar . Many people are not adept at reading typical 2D floor plans.  A presentation that shows them the concepts and build-outs being discussed in a way they can understand is very useful.  You can generally build your project in a cheap way avoiding some possible headaches along the way.

Sketch Up and Revit are common applications used to generate a 3D model.  Landscape design, structural ideas, interior decor, even furniture can be modeled and examined.   Modern architects, engineers, and builders are looking to 3D design and CAD for solutions on a regular basis.

Technology is always changing and the new programs are very powerful and inclusive. Building Information Management or BIM systems now include Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical systems in the model.  By including these systems in the design builders are able to see the interactions between structural elements and the demands of the MEP systems for the building.

3D designers will typically perform a site visit, taking measurements and photos for reference in creating the base model.  Once the base model is created the owners selections can start to be included.  Custom home design has come along way from old school blueprints and scale models.  Finishes, textures, siding, paint colors even plants and landscaping can be included.  Providing a detailed image of the project that the owner or client can relate to.

Before you start your next project consider hiring us to create a detailed working model of your vision in 3D.  We can work with you on various concept development to increase sustainability and cost effectiveness. Our network of designers, architects, artists, and engineers can provide insights and ideas to propel your vision to the next level.







Splashworld France Complete


The Supertube wave machine in Provence France opened this summer and was a complete success.  The machine has been pumping out the largest barreling wave in the world all summer long for those daring enough to try.

Construction was completed in record time and has provided a unique draw for the region. The Splashworld waterpark will reopen this Spring 2016 get on it!

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