Fly Thru of 3D Sketch up Model

Please check out a short fly-thru of a backyard remodel for a few weeks ago.  It’s a quick video showing the new concrete, pool, bbq, firepit, retaining wall, and landscaping.  The owner was able to check out a few different options of colors and patterns. Using the 3D model helps make decisions easier because you […]

Backyard Farming / Urban Gardening

The demand for organic food is growing at a record pace. People are becoming health conscious and in doing so are paying more attention to what they eat and where it comes from. The best way to ensure the quality of your produce is to grow it yourself. After harvesting a crop of spicy jalapeno […]

3d Home Design Advantages

Using a 3D model during the early stages of a design project can yield large savings in both time and budget.  By using 3D modeling and design owners are able to vet ideas and concepts early in the project delivery calendar . Many people are not adept at reading typical 2D floor plans.  A presentation […]

Splashworld France Complete

The Supertube wave machine in Provence France opened this summer and was a complete success.  The machine has been pumping out the largest barreling wave in the world all summer long for those daring enough to try. Construction was completed in record time and has provided a unique draw for the region. The Splashworld waterpark […]

New venture!…

We are proud to announce a potential partnership with Pacific Surf Designs.  Looking forward to working on a Supertube installation in France this summer. Check them out… #pacificsurfdesigns